Blenrig, fix joints problem

I’m attempting to rig my first character in Blender using Blenrig, following the tutorials on Blender Cloud by Juan Pablo Bouza.

So, in Chapter 3 there is a part where I bake the armature which seems to work. Then I go to edit mode and push the button “fix joints”. At this point the bones look good but if I toggle to pose mode, a lot of bones have gone missing on the right hand side of the rig. Then if I go back to edit mode and hit the button “calc rolls”, the bones get stretched and distorted.

The screenshots below will show you what I mean:

I thought it must be a problem with my model but then I tried it with a freshly generated armature and it did the same thing. I occurs to me it might be a problem between Blenrig and Blender 2.91. So I wondered if anyone knows a version that it will work with. I don’t really want to go back to 2.79 (the version in the tutorial), when the interface was quite different. And if I complete the Blenrig setup in a lower version, will the animation then function correctly in a higher version?

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

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I’ve installed 2.80 and the problems seems to have gone away.

I guess I should have tried that first before posting but good to know what the problem was anyway.

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I’ve followed the solution here. Worked perfectly.