Blenrig hand close/open twisting fingers strangely - help requested


I’m trying to rig an imported SFM model [NSFW warning! nude model] in Blender 2.82. Everything else works perfectly, but the hand opening/closing movement is not, as you can see in the gif above. (Please ignore the subpar weight painting in the fingers, I still need to fix those too.)

My goal is to get the fingers opening and closing as they should in a human being. I followed the Blenrig tutorial series to rig the model. The difference with the demo model and my model is that the mesh in my model doesn’t have the fingers straight, instead my model has them relaxed. I suspect this is the source of the problem.

I have tried rotating the deformation bones and rotation bones, as well as editing the action behind the open/close, but I’m still a newbie to rigging and actions. If someone has any advice on where to start fixing this problem, I would be very grateful.

Here is my .blend file (deleted the lower body, so no nsfw warning here).

Your bone axis are misaligned. Turn on your axis and in edit mode align your fingers so they bend with the fingers on X axis. Correcting the bone roll is what you are doing to fix it.

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Thank you! Enough fiddling with the bone rolls helped out. :slight_smile:

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