BlenRig5: deform cage deformed after baking both cage and armature

Hi all,

I have a weird issue where some vertices of the deformation cage are being pulled down. I’ve baked the cage first and then the armature. Most of it looks fine, except for the butt-area of the cage mesh which is pulled down (and asymetrically) somehow. Any ideas would be appreciated!

I went ahead and started again from scratch, and this time I checked that everything was properly mirrored on my model beforehand, and double-checked the scale+rotation of everything. Before that I also scaled down the character to match the armature Blenrig creates more in proportion (although that shouldn’t be necessary strictly). It worked this time.

I’m getting the same thing and started over twice. Can’t seem to get it right.

NEVER scale armatures in Object Mode, unless you then apply the scale (in Object Mode) by keying CTRL+A => “Scale”. Same applies for rotating. It is also not a good idea to scale, or rotate, a rigged object in Object Mode, unless you apply the scale… blah, blah, blah.

This is why we have Edit Mode - to scale and rotate things… It is advisable to have the armature and mesh at a common origin, but it is not necessary in most circumstances. Having unapplied scales and rotations will always FUBAR things for you. Check the Rotation and Scale boxes in the Object Pane - rotations should be 0 and scales should be 1.

Cheers, Clock.

Fourth time is the charm. Applied scale, location, and rotation this time and it was fine.