BLENTRIX - The Movie

Hi everyone!

We present: “BLENTRIX - The Movie”!

This movie is especially for people who likes and know blender - and I think that’s everyone here! :wink:

About this movie:
Tristan Salzmann came to us, to make a internship for one week in our studio, from 23. - 27. of July 2012. In this time we started the work on a short film. Unfortunately we didn’t finished the film during this one week, so we worked some more days to finish it.

The video was filmed with the Canon 5D Mark II. All the 3d work was done in Blender. The compositing was done in Adobe After Effects and the editing and the sound editing in Adobe Premiere.

So have fun!


First video is the movie and the second a funny introduction:
(The two videos have english subtitles, simply press the CC-button!)

LOVE IT! Using the base material and flat shading was great. Monkey head as the final move…PERFECT!

so awesome that deserves to be shown to my friends!

its pretty cool :smiley: you might be pleased to know that Andrew Price tweeted this earlier :smiley:

Very good bro.

Fun! Some talented dudes right there. I really enjoyed that.

I thoroughly enjoyed this.