Blessed Kester Maddock

Did all of you saw this:

Shadow Mapping and much more
Long live to Kester :slight_smile:

Thats IT!!!

Im just gonna make the 3d for my games now and make my game in BLENDER 2.34!!!
WOW, What an improvement

… yay

now I have even less of an excuse to leave blender

I’m happy. I love you Kester :smiley:

Me too!

YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!! Improvements to the engine!

Oh yes, shadows and Orthogonal Cameras :o

Thankyou for all your hard work Kester :slight_smile:

z3r0, dont leave.

SHADOWS!!! MULTITEXTURE!!! OTHER THINGS!!! this is great news. thanks soo much for all your hard work.

:o wowo did u see the unwrap tool? Dude… This is awesome! I cant wait for that…

Before you all start heap praise, shadows & multitex will not be in 2.34.

Shadow Mapping as a shadow technique has several pitfalls, and I would like some feedback as to whether game creators can use them:

  1. No point lights. Not without a 6x performance hit and 6 texture channels (modern graphics cards have 16 total texture channels)
  2. Massive aliasing. In certain circumstances (long shadows far away from the light source) the shadows get really jaggy.

Multitex (as it’s called.)
This is currently really primitive. It’s only point is to load textures in for a shader. But that is still enough support to do per pixel lighting & normal mapping.

On another note, NVIDIA released official drivers with GLSL support today, so Windows users can finally play with this.