Blessed Soul - bust

Hi. I did Damned Soul, now it’s my another attempt to recreate a Bernini’s classic. This time I used Zbrush to sculpt it. I made the flowers, pedestal and background in Blender. Textures were made in Krita and GIMP. It was rendered in Cycles. Model can be purchased at CGtrader and Turbosquid.

a nice one too… there are some essential differences though. for example you get the nose rim way too curvy, or missed the flat planes on the jaw heels, so your version looks much more rounded, full than berninis. the hair is already nice, but you could push it further by bringing more of the “vertical” rhythm in bernini has. you can do so, by looking how the bigger locks are divided into middle sized locks, and carve there deeper. then repeat with the next size down. this way you will get closer to the original (as i think this is your goal)… despite my constructive critique, this is a very good copy of berninis work, i just mention so that you can know for the next project where to pay additional attention. well done.

All is done actually, just need to change material of bust with putting white-dirty textures and decrease glossy reflection as low as possible. But, nice work!

Thanks Doris. I agree with you about the likeness. But I think I make progress.