Bleyshot v1.2.4 Cycles Lighting Toolkit Released

HOT! HOT! UPDATE V1.2.4 January 2020
Fresh demo :slight_smile:
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Bleyshot v1.2 is out ! Easy 3D lighting ! A lighting toolkit for Blender 2.81 Cycles. Get professional lighting for characters, cars and products in a few clicks with +240 mixable and customizable light and background presets. Blender 3D is delivered with Cycles, a fast rendering engine with one of the fastest real-time previews on the market. Bleyshot transforms Blender 3D into software similar to Keyshot, Toolbag etc… through hundreds of light configurations ready to be used or modified. Thus for less than $100 Bleyshot becomes a viable but economical alternative for 3D artists with tight budgets but looking for professional results.

Happy rendering!

What do you mean by this in your marketing blurb:

Bleyshot offers options that you could easily buy with thousands of dollars in other software.

Just curious.

Thank you for your input. For example Keyshot cost around 2000 dollars…If we consider the basic options, with Blender which is free Bleyshot offers almost the same possibilities. We plan to go beyond that in terms of lighting by adding a large amount of content in the future. Bleyshot total download size is now almost 3 Gigas and it’s just the beginning.

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Well, compared to Keyshot(which I use with the Zbrush bridge) Blender and your addon is a much more powerful and flexible lighting environment.

Have you thought about adding a collection of preset materials like KS? Clay materials are always a nice way to present sculpts and busts. Also, having basic rubber, glass, metal, etc is always useful to further mimic Keyshot.

Impressive features. A lot more than your direct competition, the Flipped Normals lighting presets.

Yes , materials are planned, building, smokes, water splash etc. Also many light preset will be added.

c’mon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you for your comment. Here are some variations of this bag render. All the assets are from Bleyshot itself. It just took 1 hour to establish the scenes, lighting and renders for all the 9 images. Also please acknowledge that we are updating our showcase images progressively. Now we have some time to play with Bleyshot :slight_smile:

Just to make sure: what you’re selling is a scene or multiple scenes filled with lighting setups, materials, environment textures, etcetera, but it does not include add-ons, or am I wrong?

Yes scenes with lighting setups based on the blender 2.8 layer system. It doesn’t include any custom script. It’s more focused on improving the lighting workflow for Blender.

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Thanks. To avoid confusion I’ve removed the ‘add-on’ tag from your post.

No problem thank you.

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HOT! HOT! UPDATE V1.2.4 May 2020
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