Blimp Ninja

Hello all.
This is the first ‘complex’ model I’ve ever modelled in any 3D app. Up to now it’s been extruded logos!
link to file:

I am trying to create a uv texture for this bugger, if anyone wants to help me improve the texture bitmap and the mapping - be my guest! I am following Modron’s advice, but I am struggling with small areas on the model that just insist on stretching and distorting.
It’s also bloody difficult to actually draw in Gimp when the faces are all sliced-up and they don’t connect. How do people do this stuff?
It’s HARD !
Respect to the stuff I see with new eyes now!

Hey ! Great first ‘complex’ model :smiley: Maybe it takes place more reflexion on your fish.

You have your style, good :slight_smile:

Hey man, cool model! Are you going to animate it? I envision it kind of bouncing around, flapping its wings… well, it looks humorous already in my head.

Thanks all.

I want to animate it, but gotta learn about armatures first. And before that, gotta texture it properly!

It wasn’t supposed to be funny - wait till I do the teeth!