blimp(or something like one)update-02

well, i know its been a while since i’ve really posted anything here. but i’ve just recently gotten a programming job thats been taking up most of my time. but i’ve found a little extra time now and so here’s a little project im workin on:

done in yafray with the newest CVS(im loving those new tools !)

looking good nehpets.

Too early to really say anything other than just keep it up!


looks good so far.
the gas bag section (does it have a proper name?) looks like an egg… wouldn’t it be crazy if you made an animation where it hatched and a giant chicken came out and ate the passenger!!!

umm… I think I need some sleep soon.

uh yeah…you do need sleep dude…although that would make a bad ass animation :]

more updates:

close up of blimp

Looks real great! I think of another image when I see this! forward to see the result! :smiley:

yeah, i’ve never seen that image…i kinda got my inspiration from the “lighthouse” image that is in the gallery

Coming along nice.

Love the shape of that flying island (or whatever it is) :stuck_out_tongue:
Render with OSA please :slight_smile:

yeah, i will get some with OSA, but most won’t because of rendertimes…anyways, thanks for all the great replies…im going to have a long weekend so no promises on an update…but ill try

well, i know its been a while but here’s an update. i’ve been messing with some color sceme and such things and expirimenting on how i want to model the large tuft of grass…i may end up using fiber script…i dunno.

The farther back rope doesnt touch the blimp on the side but goes into it on the bottom. Just wanted to point that out. Other than that the model and the textures look fantasic.

yeah, im gonna have to work with the lining up of ropes and such…