for some reason whenever i start my game i cant see anything

Define “Nothing”

all i see is the background the color blue

Do the following:

  1. Make sure that, once all non-logic brick constraints are removed, the camera is facing the right direction.
  2. Make sure the game is starting in the right scene.
  3. Make sure the camera isn’t moving after the scene starts.
  1. Make sure your faces are not set to “invisible”.

To identify the problem start the gameengine from a non-camera view.
If you can see what you are supposed to see, you will know it is a problem with the camera. If not it is a problem with the scene itself.

i made a knew camera at the same spot the camera is and copied all it’s attributes and it fixed the problem. although i dont what was wring with the camera.

You could’ve change the clipping values by accident? Or sometimes zooming-in… in the camera view does strange things…

the clipping values were the at min:0 Max 5000

I had the same issue. Nick advised me to just append or add a new cam ad delete your last.


that’s what i did and it fixed it if someone could figure out what was wrong that would be good.

I’ve been expiencing this problem for quite sometime and i have no idea what causes it. One solution has always been to use Ortho. Another way would be to just appending, like jacco said earlier, a camera from a different blend file. Both solutions work, but it would be great if someone would find the source of the problem.

This is most likely because you scaled your camera.
If you do that the object culling will be scaled as well. But this does not match the clipping parameters anymore. There is no visible effect to scale the camera. The symbol can be scaled with the size parameter under the clipping parameters in the editing panels.

Solution: reset the cameras scaling <alt><s>.

I found this with a little test program in 2.41.
Hope this helps.


It seems this happens as well if the parent is scaled. The children (inlcuding camera) inherit the scaling.

thanks for the solution monster.