??blinking textures??

(Zweistein) #1


I made a movie -> http://home.arcor.de/matthiasth/museumganzneu.avi
Can you say me why the pictures blink?? I simply made a black cube and a plane in front of it. on the plane is the texture of the picture.

Please help me


(SKPjason) #2

I’ve seen similar texture “blinking” when you have two meshes that are VERY close together… such as putting a “plane” directly on top of another “plane”… the texture tends to do the weird bleedthrough thing…

(theeth) #3

That’s correct. In more technic terms, it happens when the Z-buffer value isn’t precise enough to distenguish between the two faces, so it’s confused and will render uncorrect values, which can make the picture look like it’s flockering.


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I love it when theeth get’s all “Spock” with his answers… :wink:

Love ya Theeth… in a manly non-homoerotic, fellow blenderhead, good guy sorta way…

(Zweistein) #5

But i made the plane not too close to the other plane? I tried. The first plane ist a few centimeters away from the others. Can i make any options at the camera?? or any render options??

Please help, its important

(kos) #6

simply don’t put two different objects in such way that there faces coinside.most renderers fail quite miserably when you try to do that.i think this is because of the visible surface algorithm thing.just put the meshes a bit away like 0.01 units. :smiley:

(theeth) #7

if you could e-mail me the .blend at [email protected], maybe I could have a look at it. Try to keep it low in size ok ( < 1meg)?


(Zweistein) #8

You ve got mail