Bliss....... (WIP Help needed)

Hey, It’s been awhile since i took up blender (About a week or two) so I had a thought come to my head, and put it into blender. As of right now it’s in alpha stages.

I thought I could do this by myself and have it as a surprise, but it seems that I can’t. I need a little help on lighting if someone is willing to give me some direction.

NOTE: The chair texture is just temporary, I have found a great leather texture in my files.
OTHER NOTE: The chair is the only thing textured!

WARNING! this pic is 1280x1024, sorry but it’s my favorite screen res.

I’d fatten up the cushions a little bit to make the chair look comfy.

also, a procedural wood texture on the stand can’t hurt.

And the glass… should be glass

P.S. 1280x1024 is my favorite too.

try dimming the lamps and adding Ao

How realistic do you want it?

Try YafRay. If not, then give Ambient Occulant a try. Allow a lot of time for renering.

First off, what’s Ambient Occulant, and where is it?

Second, the chair is to look modern, my own style I guess.

P.S. Hope to use ripstings fiber script to make grass soon, but painting the faces takes awhile on a 600MHz.