Blister of blender pills [updated]

We´re testing some frames for a comercial.
It will be animated, in his original box, etc…
4 hours modeling and the entire stuff :smiley:

Blender internal and a few normaps

Looks great. Nice realism.

Are you going to add the backing to the blister pack, it doesn’t look like there is anything holding the pills in the pack?

it would be nice if the slot that is empty was crumpled up, like they always seem to be… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pills!

yes, the animation will have the crumpled slot, the pill going to the screen etc…you know how these comercials are…

The aluminium is there, check the other views

Looks really sweet! Fabulous modelling and reflections. I love how the edges seem to seperate in the corners on the last render, looks incredible.
Quick question, what will the final pills look like? Is this a professional job for aspirina, or is it just blender pills?

I don´t f*cking know (pardon my french)
A laboratory asked us for some images, so we invented it. We don´t know what kind of pills they want to publish.

That´s why it´s just a blister. Actually the pills are raytransp, I tried to make jelly-like pills…