Blister packaging and gum

A small blister model I did a couple of weeks ago, to test materials and light for a project. The main challenge was to make fast renders in eevee as it was for animation later on.

Trying to keep learning more about nodes and textures.

Hope you like it, and if you guys have any tips or critique feel free to comment! :grin:


Very nice. I’m not sure if the clear plastic would have such strong distortion (IoR) but it’s only noticable if you look closely.

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Hey thanks for the comment, glad you liked it!

You are totally right I did struggle a lot with that. Mostly because I don’t really know all the settings that well in any of the engines (eevee or cycles), and when I tried to be more accurate with the distortion I ended up loosing a lot of the piece and just a few flares of light at the borders. I had to bump up the distortion and lower the transmission slightly in order for the blister shape to be apparent.

Do you know have any recommendation of tutorials for materials? I’m quite new with the node system.


Like I said it’s not noticeable in the 1st read.

You may want to look into some architectural techniques where they treat glasses on windows differently (same thickness everywhere, so no distortion just offsetting what’s behind it) than differently shaped glasses. I remember a very detailed presentation about rendering glass in a recent blenderconf. It was good stuff, worth digging up on YouTube.

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