I’m still trying to get Blitz3D to import models from Blender.
I believe i’ve been able to import meshes correctly, but importing textures still eludes me.
Please correct me if i’m wrong on this point, but Blitz3D requires a texture to be in a .jpeg (etc) file in order to wrap it around a mesh later.

However, the only file type that Blender can export to that Blitz3D can read is .X
As far as i know, .X files actually CONTAIN the texture information.

So how can i unwrap the texture to a .jpeg?

Or is there a plugin that can export textures direct from Blender?

Please beware my noobness.

Hi James,

I’m not sure if I’m following you. DirectX .x files don’t contain the image file, that’s kept externally in a .bmp file or .jpg. The .x file holds mesh info, u/v coordinates, material info (like shininess, color, etc.). AFAIK, Blender “.blend” files can hold the texture map (image file) internally, so you’ll need to export that if it isn’t already external.

So basically, if your .x model’s mesh is importing correctly, but the texture maps aren’t appearing, then you probably need to put a copy of the texture map in the same folder as the mesh file.

You might also want to find a simple .x file viewer (there’s one with the DirectX SDK) so you can give your models a quick check before trying to import them into Blitz.

I hope this helps…

Well, i knew that Blitz requires the textures to be in .jpg files.

However, i’m still a little lost. What originally got me interested in this was a model such as the ones you can find here

Take a look at the X-wing model. It’s cool.

So what i’m wondering is this:
How do I get the textures that I can see when you render the scene into a .jpg file?
Do i need a texture unwrapper so that i can re-wrap it around the exported mesh in Blitz3D ?

Thanks for you help.

Ok, I understand what you want to do now.

The X-Wing model has all the textures “packed” into the .blend file. What you need to do is export the mesh to an .x file and all the texture maps to .jpg files.

I opened the file in Blender 2.37 and 2.4 and tried a couple export options (.x, .obj and .3ds) and none of them exported the texture maps along with the mesh file…

So I think you’ll have to go into Blender and manually “unpack” each u/v map and save them externally. Search the archives here and the Blender docs for “unpack” and “uv” and you should find a tutorial or info.

Next, you’ll have to change each material so that it’s using the external .jpg file instead of the internal file.

And then last, you’ll export your model. You may need to try a couple different formats and conversions to see what works for you. I normally save as a .obj file then convert that to a .x file using LithUnwrap or from a .3DS file with 3DSconv (both are available for free, google to find them).

I’ll give you a heads up, though. Several of the exporters I tried didn’t work, and the .X file I created was almost 20 Mb in size. That’s probably more than DirectX supports. You may have to simplify the mesh in order to use it in Blitz3d, do a search of the archives for “reducing mesh” and you’ll find tutorials on how to do this.

That’s the best I can do, unless a somebody with a bit more know-how can intervene…

Thanks a lot. That makes a lot of sense. I’ll try that out and see how i get on with it.

Just wanted to throw in my two cents here…

Blitz3D is actually the reason I started learning Blender a few days ago. I’ve been wanting to try out Blitz, but I didn’t know any modeling.

Then I found somewhere on blitz’s website that there is a B3D export plugin for Blender… those B3D files are propriatary to Blitz and they contain all the information you need about your models, including textures. They work almost how .blend files work. You might want to look around and see if you can find that.

Blitz recommends you use B3D files for your models in-game too… for performance reasons.