Looks really nice, I’m sure the multiplayer will be great.

Hi there!

Your game looks great, and in fact I would love to see your game being launched on our upcoming gaming network GameStack, targeting indie developers. We distribute both commercial and Free-To-Play titles.

Right now I’m looking around the forum for some promising games. So just give me a shut if you know want help with distribution, or if anyone else seeing this wants in, just send me a PM or email me at [email protected] and I’ll help you out.

Best Regards


Ahahaha, Mokazon, don’t even worry about stuff like that. It happens to a lot of us. My project has been on hold for a while too. Good luck with this!

Nice looking game especially in blender, if you guys need a weapon / char modelor or animator I can contribute.

Send me a pm

Would love to work on an CSS like game in blender

nice pictures i actually like them more than the video but still good…it looks like a promising game :smiley:
gratz dude

The graphics of this game are blowing my mind haha :smiley: Great light comp and awesome texturing :slight_smile: An all around great map

I think the models are too low poly. .especially the rail tracks. .the textures is too much stretched. .i liked the containers. .the ground seems to have a seamless texture. .you need to add more details in the ground texture ! Sorry just said what i saw from the screenshots !

From the distance it looks cool,but the props are not properly sized ,no close details,it will look very simple and not attractive when in player mode.

Actually, they do BlendingBGE…

isyedcg, the ground is not finished.

The modelling and texture-work are awesome! I just think you could use a bit more dimension to your terrains. Try to make the terrain a little less flat and add a bit more elevation to make it look less flat and more interesting. :slight_smile:

My Railtracks (WIP)

Also,I think you should credit Josh White for the entire map design and modeling , don’t you think so ?