Blizzard contest entry - Starcraft fanart - LARGE PIC

Hey people, this is my first post in this area of the
forums. Mainly because this is my first “finished project.”

The Blizzard art competition ends in a few hours, so I had
to call this one done and submit it. I’m happy with it and
wanted to show it to you guys.

He’s a Dark Templar from the Starcraft Universe. Here’s
a pic with 4 different angles, the 3rd one was intentionally
cut off at the chest to give a better headshot.

Thanks for looking guys.

cool… for what competition did you say?? link me please=) i like the textures and the materials but maybe you should try subsurfing it a bit. just an idea=)

Is the guys actually textured? Looks like it’s just Blender’s materials. If you want to use the game for some contest, I’d suggest (or the rules are different) to unwrap the model and use one big texture.

The model itsselve looks really nice. I like the floating-in-mid-air kinda pose :).

nokirar: its “The First Annual Blizzard Art Contest” or something. Its at The competition is over though and they’ll pick winners in the next few weeks. I entered this in the “low-poly Starcraft Character” sub-category. I know there are people more talented than me that probably entered into it, but maybe I’ll get an honrable mention :stuck_out_tongue:

As to subsurfing it: I’ll probably come back to it sometime in the future. After some subsurfing, tweaking, and procedural textures, it might look nicer.

Roger: yeah, its UV textured. Took me a couple hours to unwrap it. I made one .tga file for the color and another .tga file for the texture. It was my first real UV project. If you can’t tell its textured (mostly on the skin) then I suppose I didn’t do a very effective job. I’ll get better though! Thanks.