blnder to 3dmax , compatibility

I i got a job in a company , they make arquitectural stuff.

but they now use 3dmax , in a future they say they want to switch to blender , bit now i have ti use 3dmax (sucks) .

is there a way to work in blender and then “translate” totally all the info , modelling,textures, … into 3dmax ?

i think the export feature is not totally accurate ? sometimes it makes errors , right ?

then they also , export the 3dmax files into a software they developed to make walktrughs, and they would like to export from blender to directx , but we tried a big proyrct and when imported from 3dmax it didnt opened up.

any ideas ?

export with the .OBJ format. all your meshes and textures should be intact.

As far as other software please try this:

it has a great spell checker, and is totally free :smiley:
Helps keep up the company image :wink:

thanx man , im trying this , but what is the abisource program for ? a word processor ?

so , if i export to .obj , file the meshes are intact and the textures of the mesh also ?
they need to bee uvmaped , does 3dmax need to know where are the textures ?

Depends on which version of Max you use…if is an old one, you may need an obj importer for max in places like(in this case is for max6, surely works in some others) :

If is Max 9, if I remember well, no need to put a plugin, it imported already the obj format…

For the materials… You usually need a .mtl file exported from blender or whatever the tool, there the exporter did specify which textures to point to, and other materials settings. The vertex normals (smoothing) is already in th e.obj file, or should be, as well as which faces are applied to which material.

Traditionally tho, you needed to rebuild the OBJ smooth groups once in Max, and create or edit the material in material editor and point there to your textures. Probably now Max 9 does import it much better.

The uvmapping goes already in *.obj : is more a matter on the quality of the tool’s(Blender in this case) exporter, on what you selected to export and what not, and of course, in the quality of the Max plugin to import the obj.

I used OBj a lot as exchange format with Blender + Wings3d to port into Max, in several salary-jobs, and my workflow was not slower, but , while I shouldnt say, was faster. I never modeled really in Max. OBJ pipeline I had available by then, had those issues, and yet , I compensated with other faster moments. I’d bet the import of OBJ, native now in Max 9, is way , way better these days.

Just play with it all, be patient, as it indeed works.

Yeah, I’m used to going the other direction: Max9 -> Blender. I export to Wavefront .Obj in MAX, import and then retexture in Blender.

I’ve found the import of .obj files (so long as you have the .mtl file as well) works in Max 9 when going in the other direction. Of course you still have to do some tweaking in the materials.