block an action,

This file demonstrates flipping an animation direction when a object sends it the message Flip, allowing for blocking using collisions

The file

Not entirely sure where this is useful…

I’m guessing for things like blocking swords from slicing through rocks? But in that case it’d be better to have a separate “clang” animation.

Could you point out what situation this would be useful for?

Like walking, foot hits wall, reverse animation to put foot back,

Or reaching for bob’s throat, bob blocks, reverse animation to go back to idle,

Basically to gracefully fail a animation, (so anything where an attempt is made to do something and you don’t want to “skip back” to idle or the next animation,

Like the player holds up the key, and hit’s the lock, lock says “not right key” and will not allow animation past X, and reverses animation to “retract key”

That’s a weird way of doing it but it’s simple and somewhat plausible. Cool.

Still, why not just make a separate rejection animation?