Block generation script

Hi blendies !
Not so long ago, I found some tutorial/article about a blender trick to generate random height blocks, making the whole mesh appear like a city…
If I remember well, It was using an embedded python script, but I tried many unsuccessfully.
rings any bell?

Thx alot

or use Discombobulator.


Thank YOU fligh

use the discombobulator script in cluded with blender. Its in the scripts window. I think (not sure and cannot open blender right now.) under the mesh submenu

Opps. Flig% was quicker. It works like a dream. just use it on a grid or subdivided plane. Use selected faces to choose only those faces you want to *discombulate" and in the edit mode for the grid/mesh like a few lines of parallel and perpindiculars faces to make streets. Shift-D and duplicatie the grid if you want to uv texture the streets after you use the script. Leave that duplicate in the exact same place. then discombobulate the original to get the “buildings”
The only down side is that you have to individually select the faces of the new ‘cubes/buildings’ and then p to seperated them and j go join them back together so that you can individually uv texture the buildings.

This is probably more information then you needed too.

You can use also this programm “Blockdesigner” -english version
(Export Dxf…Import in Blender DXF)
Download here: