Block Quiz Alpha-4 (minor update Nov. 13th '08)

The file: [Use Blender 2.48a]
(Version Alpha-3: [Use Blender 2.46]
(Version Alpha-2: [Use Blender 2.46]
(Version Alpha-1: [Use Blender 2.45]

The game: Eventually, this will become a kid’s adventure game. So far it’s a sandbox.

The controls:

  • Arrow keys to move.

  • Spacebar to punch.

  • Tab to target things (ala Zelda 64)

  • LeftShift to pick up/throw objects

  • LeftCtrl to jump

  • LeftAlt to take/remove elemental block from storage

  • 1,2,3,4,5 (number row) to activate elemental moves (you need a block in storage, you have Water by default, Fire and Lightning are also available)

  • F1 to add enemy

  • Minus (-) and plus/equals (+/=) (number row) to add breakable crates (may contain health)

  • That key to the left of the 1 (~) to add indestructable metal crate

  • M to shoot missile (debug tool, won’t be in final game)

  • Hold X to put up a shield which can take a beating before it goes down
    The features:

  • A random percentage of enemies can use your elemental techniques against you

  • Debug is on by default, allowing you to see hitboxes and increasing your health. Change debug=1 to debug=0 in the Init script to turn it off

  • Throwing crates causes damage, enemies can run right through the wooden ones

  • Swimming system: one you find the underground pool, press Z to dive and surface

  • Status effects: charge, burn, shock, defense, negation, stun, (reflect is programmed but no move can invoke it yet)

  • Press F2 to add a Spanner: your personal hovering skateboard (press Z to get off)
    There are no Alpha-4 screenshots, as nothing important has changed since Alpha-3.

Alpha-3 screenshots:

Is it okay with you if I move this to the Games & WIPs forum?

Yeah, sure. I thought…ah, I don’t know really. Haven’t really posted here since the three-division system popped up, so I’m not used to it.

wow , man that is really amazing ! :wink:
i like the way it bounces on the ground and alter it self , cool work :yes:

Good Luck :slight_smile: .

edit :- i like the interactivty of enemies , spawn 5 and shoot one of them and they will burn :slight_smile: , and burn each other , and finally explode :slight_smile: .

Looks interesting, but my internet sucks so you may have to wait a few minutes for my reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited after having looked at game

Wow… Very nice! You’ve got some great skill with Python! I’ve been working on an Underwater based game for a few months now and I’ve used every solution I could think of for underwater physics… You seem to have mastered it in under 90 lines! bows

Anyway, onto what you really want to hear: Stress test

I’m using a 2 GHz, 1GB ram, 256 MB graphics machine running 1920x1200 on the screen and I get slowdown after four enemies, but it only continues to be slow after 8 enemies or 15 metal cubes using 70% rasterizer. Physics is running at 6% with both tests.

Logic is running at 18% without anything else in there, up 10% for enemies and 1% for every cube added.

Hope that helps

7 enemies + 7 creats => 27 fps :slight_smile:


p4 , 2048 ram , 7100 GS , dual core 3.2 GHz

but there were sudden fps drops that last one second while you were in the water :slight_smile:
and some other areas <even without enemies>

That looks cool. I’ll have to play it sometime.

wow, very interactive.

Original framerate was about 20.

I started slowing down at 3 or 4 (framerate 9.52) enemies, but didn’t start effecting the gameplay untill about 7 (4.8)

The bricks slowed me down at about 20.

I run a 1.45 GHz eMac. Works very well here. What is the game about? It feels a little bit like Mario 64. It’s really well done, can’t wait for the final version:D

When finished, it’s going to be an educational-type game. Question Rocks will ask multiple-choice questions set by the kid’s parent or teacher or something, and to answer you must bring it the answer’s block (so if the answer is “Twenty”, you bring it the block displayed beside “Twenty”). None of this is fully programmed as of now.

In terms of actual gameplay, it’s like a cross between the Zelda engine (enemy targeting, elemental puzzles), an action RPG (status effects, leveling up), and a Kirby game (kid-friendly, fun with abilities).

it sounds like it will be a good game, it will be a revolution for educational games!! :slight_smile:

This will prove that a good game can still be educational :slight_smile:

I have an understanding that it’s okay to bump a dead topic if the post of bumping is relevant. Guess what: it is! I’ve updated to version Alpha-2! Check the first post for the file. (The delay was very long because I had to wait for 2.46’s adding ghost objects, and then I had a bunch of issues with updating some of the systems.) New features:

  • The Spanner! You know the Spinner from Twilight Princess? That’s the Spaner. Except the Spanner is cooler.
  • Electric moves! You’re not limited to just Fire anymore. Then again, neither are the enemies.
  • Various improvements, such as preventing you from punching yourself. (It could happen in Alpha-1 if you’re moving too fast while attacking.)Note that Alpha-2 is built for 2.46, so don’t use 2.47 and expect everything to work.

I played it; however, I didn’t get to test enemies.

I’m running on a Mac OSX 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1 GB 667 MHz (Leopard)

It runs at 60 fps without enemies. (by the way, it’s still lookin’ good)


Screenshots please?

I just added four new screenshots. There’s not much visible difference between Alpha-1 and Alpha-2, so I focused on the new additions.

Screenshots please?

Toomai is a fairly talented and respectable programmer. I don’t think you have anything to worry about if he didn’t have screenshots. (not many people could get away with that)


I’ve been working on this for the past few days, and I’ve upgraded to Alpha-3! File is here. Again, use 2.46 to be safe. New features:

  • Water moves! Water is a bit more defensive than fire and lightning, so you’ll see some new gimmicks.
  • Shields up! Hold X to block all incoming attacks. Don’t overextend your concentration, however.
  • More explosives! Elemental blocks now blow up and invoke their status effects onto anything in range. For testing, you get a new block for free when you toss your old one.
  • Various improvements, such as the move icons and special effects.First post updated with screenshots.

This is my favorite game made in Blender! One thing you may want to change, however, is the water defense; it looks extremely blocky.
Are you working on the other blocks?

p.s. this is my first post ever!

Yeah, the water defense (“Water Block”) is just a cube right now. It will stay that way until I can figure out a good 3D watery effect. Maybe a Wave actuator in a future version? Who knows.

As for more updates, they may be a while. I’m currently working on optimization (the boring stuff such as removing needless IPO points).

How long approximately is “a while”?
2 weeks? 3 months? 5 years?
apparently more than 12 days lol.

Very good toys. Good effects of lightning, shield and other similar effects.
The only way to continue.:eyebrowlift: