Blocking light

Hello all,

I have an issue I am wondering of a solution for. So, I have the ability to turn on and off lights in my game, but I notice now that the walls of my little building do not really block the light from going into other rooms, it just goes right through. This is using dynamic lighting with the built in lamps.

One solution I have discovered is just using lighting groups for the individual rooms and just making it so the light can only possibly effect what I tell it to. However, this seems laborious and I have a feeling there is some other possible manipulation of blender to solve this issue in an easier way.


You can always use shadows. Cranking down the resolution, buffer shadows, you know. Having a ton will be laggy, so if you can make a system so only lights in proximate rooms are activated and a solemn few dynamic shadows just teleport around to account for whatever lights need shadows at the time, it’d be faster. This is just theoretical, of course; it’s up to you to implement it. I think Johnny Black had a system a little similar to that which would use only one light which changed properties and moved around to act as multiple.

Shadows are an option if you want to show shadows (e.g. light through a door frame).

Another option is to place the rooms in different layers. I guess this is the same as with lighting groups (I never used them).

Yes I have considered the layers as well, but I am still wondering for an easier/simpler method if anybody else knows one.