Blocky Bloom in EEVEE?

Hi All! I’ve been trying for a few weeks now to find a way to reduce the blockiness of the Bloom effect in EEVEE, but I still haven’t figured out a single way to change the ‘settings’ of the Bloom - is there anything I can do to have more ‘samples’ in the Bloom? I’ve already tried upping the samples in the ‘Render’ and ‘Viewport’ samples setting, but these don’t appear to have any affect at all on the blocky bloom?
Could it even be anything to do with the global scale of the scene? It can’t be render resolution because I’m rendering at 4K. Or could it? I just don’t know any more! All clues gratefully received!

It looks like 8-bit/channel aliasing or something like that, but I messed around with it for a while and could not find a setting that would affect it, and saving as 16-bit png or EXR float did not seem to make a difference, so it seems to be something fundamental to the current Eevee implementation.

I entered a ticket to see if it’s considered a bug or not:

Thanks for the ticket, Zoot!
Yeah, I’m beginning to think that it’s ‘as designed’, and hope that we’ll be able to increase the resolution/samples in the future.
Must say that I’m suprised that it’s not been noted by more people already. Once you start using the bloom on a regular basis, this limitation becomes increasingly apparent and frustrating!
Thanks for looking into it with me :]