Blocky or Geometric Texture

I am just playing around with texturing an amorphous object and using remesh to get an even texture.
However, my rendered texture (cloud texture) seems to produce a weird blocky or geometric effect when rendered. I think I have subdivided the object enough and have also used a subsurface modifier. The object has 4 million faces… so it should be enough to produce a smooth texture right?
I have listed my modifiers below.
Can someone help me figure out why the texture looks so funny up close?

In your subsurf modifier, under “Subdivisions”, you have two settings: View and Render. View is like a preview setting and only affects the viewport, not the final render. Render is what is used in the final F12 render. Right now, your view setting is set high at 5, but your Render setting is much lower at 2. That might be the cause of your problem.