Blocky render

I’m having some trouble. I made my object and since they’re metal, I just set a few settings instead of doing an all out UVmap. Now when I render it, I get a really funky block effect on my object. Almost like a checkerboard pattern. I don’t know what I did or how to fix it.

Oh apparently it was from raymirroring raymir


Without a picture it’s difficult to tell what’s happening. Try checking that you don’t have overlapping faces in your object. This could be caused by two copies of your object being in the same position (just delete one if this is the case) or you might have duplicate faces within your object. Try removing doubles to get rid of any.

If this doesn’t help, try posting a couple of pictures of your render, and your material settings (or attach your .blend).

[Added: Congrats on finding the problem :slight_smile: ]