Hi all, so Im trying to make a little iron model and started at the helm/face part… thers how far I am…

The problem is that it looks so blocky, I dont mind that the sides are bocky thats ok. but the surface itself looks so blocky, but it should be smooth and I was wondering how I could get it to look smoother…

could som1 lend me a hand and maybe guid me in to the right direction so that I could get the surface to look smoother?

Thanks ^^;

Looks like a job for the Sub-surf modifier. A lot of organic modeling (like faces) uses sub-surf. The Wiki has a good overview of how to use the modifier:

thanks, I know about the subsurb modifier but I don’t really want to add that much extra polygons… is there some other way w/o adding to much more detail? :expressionless:

Is this for a Game? How low poly are you trying to keep the model?

Um, I goes so… Im not sure about the whole poly count because I want to try to make a little game with blender and its the first time Im trying this so I have no idea how much polys I need or should use for this model… right now Im wondering if I can use bump maps in the game engine… it would probably make it a lot easier… I goes… :expressionless:

I try to play around with it but it probably still will look kinda blocky… :s

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the Game engine (BGE) and have only recently trying out low poly stuff my shelf. You might want to post a question in the BGE support forum asking what a good poly limit would be and whether or not you can use bump or better yet a Normal map in the BGE. Or if we are lucky someone else will see this thread and enlighten us.

Post an image of the wire frame. It looks like you have got a number of Tries and Poles, it may improve the surface if they are removed.

um yes I got a few poles/tris in it but I don’t know how to do a wireframe picture… so that you can see the surface and the wire at the same time… :s how can I do that? (I remember that I read about it but I forgot it -_-; )

don´t add subsurf, atleast i wouldn´t, instead use the EdgeSplit modifier, i will make your model look so much better.

If you take a screen grab in Edit Mode it will show the edges and vertices along with the faces.

thers the picture:
actually I mean a wireframe render, I remember reading about it… all you had to do was to change something in some options windows or so and you could make a nice wireframe render… to bad that I forget so much stuff… >.<

and I forgot how to change it so that you only see the lines in the front and not the other lines that are behind the faces to…

I just took a quick look at the model and it has 3 fivepoles in one line right on the front of the face plate part thing… (-_-);

i really think that you should add the EdgeSplit modifier, it will really make your model look so much better,
and if you only want to see the front edges press that box right besides face select mode.

ah, sorry, I thought that there is some tool called EdgeSplit … didnt notice the modifier part… ^^;

Well, after adding the edge split modifier it looks like this:

thanks, it looks a lot more like what Im aiming for but how can I manually change something about a few edges? because , I dont like how the edge is so sharp… I mean the one that I point out in the picture…

but yeah, it looks a lot better… thanks~! :slight_smile:

but I goes that I should try to get rid of the poles/tris anyway, right? It would probably mean even less polys…

and I still would like to know if its possible to get this look without the modifier… Im just curious…

change split angle, it´s usually set to 30.

it is possible to do this without modifier,but it will make stuff much more complicated, and this guy is complicaded enough to model in the first place(i also am giving it a try) so i´d recomend the modifier.

Reordering your edge loops might help remove some of the smoothing issues still showing after the edge split modifier was applied.

To get rid of that sharp edge you could also add another edge loop alongside the edge then adjust its position so the angle over the edge in question is less than 30 degrees,


OMG did anyone realize this but if you look just below the bottom of the first pic ShadoX posted of the wireframe the face seems to move up???(the 11th post) sry that’s pretty offtopic and out there, but freaky to me nonetheless:). anyway, i like your face model; it seems you got some inspiration from Iron Man, right?

hehe, yeah Im trying to model iron man… but I keep running into problems… xD just noticed that the face plate was a bit to flat (from the side) and now Im trying to make it look a bit more round but since I had almost all the basic head stuff done I have to re arrange a lot of vertecies >.<

about the moving faces… Im not exactly sure what you mean :expressionless: I don’t see anything… :s

it’s like an optical illusion, just stare under the pictures…oh wait a minute, the power is gone! they don’t move in my eyes anymore, that’s just wierd, or it was because i had no sleep whatsoever… oh well…:wink: keep up the modelling because you’re moving along very well and making accurate results!:slight_smile: