Blognar the Martian>>*Now with RVK test

I wanted another character to practice lip sync on, so I made Blognar.
<edit> and it looks as though I forgot to turn my shadows back on. good thing this is in WIP! :stuck_out_tongue:
<edit> wait never mind, they are just sort of hidden behind him but they’re there. phew!

Im not being mean. Its just funny lookin. I hope he is a comedy character.

I mean he looks like a green Pappa Smurf on crack. Very funny looking dude I must say!

Yep he is supposed to be funny looking. Even a bit surreal.

Here’s a test anim of Blognar,…I think he had some of those martian pina coladas. ( divX5 )

LMAO! Shake it for me baby!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice little anim Modron.


Hey guys tell me what you think of this walk cycle. Is the wind up toy effect a good thing or a bad thing? ( btw, I realize he is covering too much ground, so he is ‘skating’,…I forgot to change that. :expressionless: )
Here’s the divX
<edit> thanks BgDM!

Blognar now has a voice, and flies! check it out.

he seems to be moving forward faster than his feet are carrying him

Modron wrote

( btw, I realize he is covering too much ground, so he is ‘skating’,…I forgot to change that. )



i dont much like the eyes, and the nose…

waiting to see more, there is nothing really to say about the anims here, since you put the crits yourself there in the posts :slight_smile:


Yeah it seems alot of people don’t like the eyes/nose. I suppose I will experiment with some variations, but honestly, I like them, so I will probably keep them. They are sort of creepy, which is what I was going for. I’ll fool with them though,…we’ll see. Or,…I could make 50 more blognars, and give them each their own look. ( sort of )

I decided to fool around with his materials,…the vertex paint job was just so so,…I decided to make him slimy, and add translucency as well as UV mapping him. What do you think? I guess if you didn’t like him before, he will be extra repelant now lol.

He looks so cute, with his three little fingers. I like the slimyness. And those eyes… Those eyes… ;).

Good stuff, Modron!


He looks much better now!

I still think it would be nice to make the mesh more detailed since this seems not just to be a fast test project. I know you have the skills.

Thanks guys. Here’s a lip sync test,…I can see now, I am going to have to do some minor surgery on him, but I thought it turned out fairly well for an early attempt.