Blonk <- 3D Character (alien monkey???) [IMAGES FIXED]


thought i’d post my first almost complete model made with Blender. well I’ve been using 3dsmax for a few years, and managed to pick up Blender in no time. Even after this short time, I myself find Blender alot better for modelling than 3dsmax. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: <- the people in #blender on freenode (IRC) have been of great help, so I say thx to yas!

well it has already been pointed out that his big toe is to small, and his lil toe should be a bit sideways, along with some other lil things that I will hopefully get to before Texturing.

I’d really like to Texture this guy, including a Normal Map (or Displacement Map)… but I heard blender at this stage ain’t so good with Normal Maps AND Displacement Maps :\ <- well I might still give it a try and see for myself anyhows :stuck_out_tongue:

Would really be cool to animate this guy also, although I don’t have much experience with animation. :\ <- but he would walk kinda like a monkey and his front lip would wobble around :slight_smile:

anyhows thats it for now, hope you like, thoughts and comments are welcomed.


Your images just say “Externes Linken ist nicht erlaubt”

You have to right click, choose properties and copy-paste the adress.

I’d work on the musculature (the chest looks a bit artificial) and proportions a bit more, it doesn’t look a lot like a monkeyman yet. And the lip is… really weird :o But I guess that’s how You wanted it to look like, eh?

The face looks really good, though. Keep up the good work and ask for any help You need.


gah, sorry about the images not displaying in this thread, i will activate my ISP’s personal webspace ASAP and upload. :\

thx for replies…