Bloo (modeling challenge)

I did this piece because my friend challenged me to model one of his drawings. It turned out so good I thought I’d share my results with everyone. Done entirely in blender 2.52. Check out Gideon’s deviant art page to see the original concept sketch:


One view? Come on guys.

Nice job. The only thing I can see wrong is the eye, it looks more evil in the drawing. Try rotating the eye so it’s more slanted.

I gotta say the drawing is better than the model. More detail on the drawing, and it should be the other way around IMO.

The view counter is broken. Has been for a long time.

You probably have more than one view but the admins have a problem with the counter. If you look at most of the threads in the forum… you may notice that the number of views is = number of replies + 1

Anyway… looking good!

There’s something wrong with the view counter, it always reads low. Just be patient.

The critter looks pretty cute. You might try a better lighting setup though.

Oh. Oops. :o

Thanks for the crits guys. I see what you are all talking about. I’ll try to work on it some more this week…