Blood and Bullets

Hi guys,

I am new to the forum and I have seen a lot of good information get passed along so I am hoping someone here might be able to help me, I am working on my first solo project but I have hit a snag. The first Image I have attached is of a model I have been working on where I am trying to add in a fluid effect to represent blood splatter on the weapon, the rounds of ammnition and the blue flooring. The problem is that no matter how hard I try the blood effect never seems to work (see second Image). I have reviewed a few good tutorials but I cannot seem to find much indepth stuff on fluids and how to render them. Does anyone have any suggestions of tutorials or could someone give me some pointers on how to make this work? The materials I set never seem to reflect in the render (ego the white blood pools) and the pools themselves seem to be suspended in mid air even though I set the floor as a fluid obstacle and the domain floor is level with that. Ideas and comments are welcome!



To be frank, if this isn’t going to be animated (and in some cases, even if it is), using the fluid simulator is probably not what you want. You’d do much better to simply create a mesh (or even, an extruded, smooth-beveled curve) to produce the shape on the ground. It’d be much easier on the system CPU-wise, and it’d look a lot better, giving you more control over the shape.

Personally, I’d prefer the curve method; if you learn to use the settings properly, you can make all manner of stains and pools and puddles with it; with a good texture and some normal mapping, I’d say it’ll look great.

EDIT: Damned fine gun, by the way. I’d advise reducing the hardness on the specularity, however; it looks more like plastic than metal (unless it’s supposed to be plastic, in which case it looks just fine).

EDIT 2: The reason the materials aren’t showing is probably because you’re setting the material for the fluid volume and not the domain. The domain is the part of the fluid you’ll actually see rendered, so that’s the part that needs the material. But, if you take my advice and not use fluids, it’s moot, really. Just letting you know.

Thanks Belphegor!

Actually that is pretty smart, your idea about the smooth beveled curve. I will give it a try today and see what I can get out of it (althouygh I have to admit I am still learning my way around Blender so my curve work may not be particularly stunning.
And doubly thanks for the advice about the metal material on the revolver! I am trying to go for more of a chromed look but I think my balance of reflectivity specularity and hardness leaves much to be desired. I can’t seem to eye it right heh heh heh I’ll take your points and do an update and post again shortly.