Blood and Fire

(Rico) #1

Hi all!

I made this here dragon… because why not?! :smiley: As usual I used a lot of software, including Zbrush and SubstancePainter, but Blender was used for most of it, and putting the final render together for a Cycles render. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

(Ace Dragon) #2

Crazy material work there, parts of it look like it’s made out of candy (what with the strong translucent and glossy effects) O.o

That’s okay though if the point was to give the creature as much as a visual punch as possible (and it does do well in that area).

(Smotherland) #3

damn…that’s awesome!

(Yukon) #4

That’s very impressive! I’d love to see a breakdown of your material work here.

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #5

I hate creatures, but this is really good one! You made it great!

(BigBlend) #6

Great stuff. Great render.

(Rico) #7

Thanks everyone! Glad you like it :slight_smile: @Yukon I have a lot of footage recorded of this project, I’ll be uploading it to my YT channel soon hopefully. I’ll post it here as well when its ready.

(Pierrick PICAUT) #8

Hi Rico, you’re just geting better and better.
I love this one!

(Rico) #9

thanks @pieriko! :slight_smile:

(Kalinaki) #10

Is it just me or the image will kinda perfectly fit the next ‘Welcome’ image when the new patch comes out.

Stunning render.

My question would be did you create a whole dragon or your aim was to focus on the head?

(Rico) #11

@Kalinaki haha thanks :slight_smile: just the head render at the moment, although due to popular demand I might do the body as well :smiley:

glad you like it!

(Joey Blendhead) #12

Nice work! :smiley: Love this one :smiley:

(theLuthier) #13

Great sculpt! And really interesting magma-crystal material. Nice job.

(Gnaws) #14

Would love to learn more about your ZB to Blender process. Beautiful render!!!

(NeverTilt) #15

awesome! Envious :smiley:

(Rico) #16

thanks all! and wow thanks BA for the top row :slight_smile:

@ Gnaws I’ve started uploading some of the timelapses on my Youtube channel… feel free to check it out here:

(PascalDeraed) #17

Super nice Rico :slight_smile: I really love this piece!

(Rico) #18

@PascalDeraed thanks man! :slight_smile:

(foxrender) #19

It’s amazing one. Did you make the full body of it? Really looking forward to it :smiley:

(Rico) #20

@foxrender thanks :smiley: I haven’t made the body but lots of people have been asking, so I might :slight_smile: