Blood Angels Intercessors

Characters created in Modo + Zbrush + RizomUV + Substance Painter.
I used Blender Rigify plugin to rig and skin my models.
Almost all environment models created by me, with small addition of Megascans assets.
Rendered in OctaneRender® Prime.
Post process in Photoshop.
Post process demo can be found here.


Nice work. Anything Warhammer gets my vote. :+1:

I’m coming from Max myself. How did you find Blender for the rigging/skinning of these kinds of bio-mech meshes? I’ve messed about with the ARP addon, but not enough to pass judgement.

Hi. Thank you. I can not call myself pro rigger/animator. I just watched couple rigify tutorials and tutorials about weight painting. I got bare minimum to move bodies around. It does not work perfect. Sometimes I have issues with arm twisting. Also backpack, for some reason, got additional phantom influence, though I weighted it to single bone. There are issues, but I painted them over in photoshop)