blood cell

Is there a way to create falloff material in blender like in 3ds max.Exp: blood cell, electron microscope effect.Thank you

There’s a good NPR (Non Photoreal Rendering) tutorial somewhere which features just this very thing - If I find it I’ll link it in here.

Here it is:

‘Ramp Shaders’. While it doesn’t specifically detail electron microscopy, it won’t take much tweaking to get what you want.

You mean like this:

Image Link

Its like the tutorial found at ( /free stuff / tutorial / general / 3. There also another tutorial in this site for the blood cell. How do we get this effect in blender, is there a tutorial who explain this step by step?


Thank you for this thread.Its seem like he do this effect manually by setting up the light.I found a tutorial on (, but it dosen’t open.Its on the material tutorial.