Blood - flowing and dripping is it possible ??

I am wondering if it is possible to make dripping and flooding blood with particles [fluid]?

I am looking to have some blood dripping off the ceiling of a room setting and hopefully merge into a growing pool that spreads across the floor.

What I am wondering is how to make the particles set as fluid drip? I don’t want to use liqiud itself as the render time would be far too long.

Questions are

How do I set up a particle to look like blood? I have seen some mention of metaballs however how they work with respect to a particle system [as a dupliate object] is beyond my knowledge right now.


Blood is one of the hardest effects to get right with cgi; even major feature films that use cgi blood look less affective than well done ‘real fake’ blood.

Your “help” is much welcomed.

I have already figured out the issue I merely have to correct the coloring and reflectiveness as a means of making it look more realistic.

But “thanks” again. I’ll remember to keep my questions to limited scope next time.

I’m working on blood effect now and the closest to semi-real I came, was using a cylinder (a severed vein) as a source for particles. The trick was to use over 100K particles and make them sticky. Another thing is to use motion blur while rendering animation.
I’ll try to give more info and screenshot about my animation once I’m back home.

Your ‘thanks’ are just as welcome /nod.

There was a point to my comment; I’ve seen fairly decent cgi blood, and that was my point - only fairly decent from a project with the money to spend.

Hey, WB, you’re talkin’ to me? :smiley:

Here’s my particle setup.

And here’s the result, which I’m not totally happy with, since the “blood” doesn’t seem to be fluid, but more like grains of sand. I tried to switch from newtonian to fluid, but then I loose the water-like flow. Any suggestions?

until we have particle skinning :frowning: blood would be very hard to make well… large number of very small particles or, as you said, metaballs, if your pc can handle the processing, keep in mind though , 50000 metaballs could take much longer to render than a fluid simulation

also , an important part is making the collision surfaces JUST right, as said above using the stickiness factor helps (I use between 0.3 and 2) also getting the damping and friction right… all very important things to make the blood seem like blood.