Blood Mist?

Anyone link me to a tutorial showing how I can get a blood spray/mist effect? I don’t want it global I want it in a small area… Like… Creature bites here then bloodspray! Or even a small guide…

Thanks, i’ve been asking alot of questions :stuck_out_tongue:

You could use a particle emitter and duplivert meta spheres to it. They will eat up a lot of processor power but the act a lot like water. Meta spheres will link together as the come close to one another. Unlike normal meshes that just overlap. If this sounds like a way for you to go and you need more help, shout back. I have tried this in the past as a test and could probably recreate it in a new blend.

Hah that sounds like a good idea, but I only have the vaguest idea of what a particle emmiter is, along with what meta-objects do. Its just for a stillframe picture, i’m not animating anything :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able how to learn to do it, mind posting the steps? Thanks for your help now and in my past threads

Hey Rudolf
I will try to work something up for you. Keep in mind I am still new and I sort of suck at particles. But I do understand how the meta balls work. So between what I can do and what you can do maybe we can make it work.

I did a quick test and it looks alright. I will post the steps and a blend after work. To get an Ideal of what the meta balls look like, check out this Youtube clip made by another blender artist last year:

Keep blending.

Ah goopy… With a little bit of transparency that would work awsome. Alright, i’ll be waiting :slight_smile: And thanks.

Okay Here is what I got with my Test:

Here is a copy of the Blend:

Keep in mind, the better you make the particles work the better the effect is. As I stated I suck a particles so, you may want to setup a WIP on this and beg for others to help.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Model a water melon with a slice out of it. (Or a human with a slice in it. XD)

  2. Select all the faces in the slice and copy then (Shit+D) then separate them to a new object §. You need to do this because in step 11 you turn on dupliverts which hides the original mesh.

  3. The new object (the copy of the sliced faces) will be your emitter. Parent this to the original melon. (Select the emitter, hold shift and select the melon, then press Ctrl+P to parent).

  4. Select the Emitter mesh and go to the Object panel (F7) then select the physics button.

  5. On the Particles tab, Click Static set the amount to a low number like 25. I also set Steps to 1 and life to 10. Select Verts, Faces, Rand, and Even. On the Particle motion tab, set normal to .23, Z Force to -1.00 and Rlife to 1.

  6. Now add a meta ball (Add - Meta - Meta ball).

  7. Re-size it to .1 (press S then .1 then Enter).

  8. Parent the meta ball to the Emitter mesh like. (Select the meta ball first then the Emit mesh and press Ctrl+P).

  9. Select the Emitter mesh again.

  10. In the Objects panel, click the Objects button (3 arrow button).

  11. Under Anim settings click Dupliverts.

Now the Meta ball will be duplicated to each point on the Particle strands. Any where they overlap they will join automatically.

Of course you will need to add a Material to the meta ball and water melon. you will also want to tweak the Rendersize for the metal ball. This is basically like Subsurf for Meta objects. To set it: Select the Meta ball(balls now) and select the Editing panel (F9). The smaller the number the more smooth the render. Note this also increases render time. I had mine set to .08 for the above pic.

That’s all I got. If any steps in confusing let me know and like I said study up on particles. There is a lot you can be with forces and defectors to make the particles behave more naturally. Like in the you tube vid.

Good luck!

Ah those are some goopy and interesting results :slight_smile: Pretty much what im looking for, thanks :smiley: What exactly does parenting do? I’ve heard the term quite a bit

Parenting links to too meshes together so that the child object follows the parent. Like you when you were little and you had to hold your mom’s hand to cross the street. It is also required for some things to work like the dupliverts. It also comes in handy when you have a model made up of several objects. You can parent them together so they will move, rotate, and re-size together.

thx alot for that workflow . result is great i just looked for that too;d very interesting that dupliverts. got to experiment with it as well as with the meta objects, they open new worlds for me;D before i tried it with fluid simulation …way worse results. thx again . you made my day:yes:

@telosboy: Glad it helped. Dupliverts can be some fun stuff. If you need any other advise, start a new thread and I will see what I can do.