Blood Moon Rise

Hello All,

Season’s Greetings!

Started a small project during the holidays. Mostly wanted to create a realistic coconut tree with some array modifiers. In the end ended with 3 set of arrayed leafs. The leaflets are hair particle system from a single leaflet object. In the end when I wanted to present this tree in an environment, settled on a evening scene by the ocean with a blood moon rise. The ocean is a single plane with ocean modifier. The beach is again a single plane with some procedural texture including some bump mapping. Not proud of the rocks could have done better there :frowning:

Blender 2.90.1 - Cycles with 256 samples.

An alternate setting in the afternoon without the moon to emphasis on the tree and ocean.

Comments and critics welcome.


P.S. Working on a small animation with the ocean simulation and some force winds to move the leaves. Unfortunately since my PC is not powerful enough have to do with lower resolution for now. Will post below when done.