blood on the ground

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Hello i have a few questions

1.Is it possible to make a split scren in Game Blender?(for 2 players)?
2.Is it possible to make reflections in gameBlender?
3.How can i make something like blood on the ground or wheels mark on the ground, like when im braking an car to add an wheels mark on the ground?
4.How can i make an object dissappear on 1 point and appear at another point?

Thanks all for all answers!!!

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  1. No

  2. Game engine 2.25

  3. With python, add object and copy loc,rot.

  4. With python, set location

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big whale, think before u speak dude =)

  1. yes, to an extent… make two scenes, in the first scene, put the level (with first player in it) on the top half of the camera view, and have a second scene with the same level(only with the second player) and on the bottom half of the camera view…now, in the first scene, add an overlay actuator, overlaying the second scene…so top=first scene, bottom=second scene…this works pretty good if u tweak it…

ps. in the first scene, have the camera tracking player 1, in the 2nd scene, track player 2…

  1. yes, 2.25 engine, ORRRRR! fake them =)…if u want a floor reflection mirror your scene and flip it underneath an invisible floor =) vwala… also, u can fake refelctions with simple chrome textures…

  2. forget python! haha…what if he doesnt know python? logic bricks will do just fine in this instance…

blood on the ground? what kind do u mean, u can use an add object actuator adding blood objects shooting off something(with ipos that make them fall to the ground) or, just a simple uvmapped blood texture on the ground…

tire tread marks? easy stuuf =) fun and easy to make, with NO PYTHON… model a portion of what a tread mark would look like, move that to an inactive scene, and name it TREAD…add empties at the back of each tire(parented to the car frame, not the tires), and when u press the break button(turn TRUE pulse ON), and give each empty an ADD OBJECT actuator, adding object TREAD… so now it will add treads behind each wheel as long as u hold brake in =)

  1. python again? perhaps…‘logic’ brick solution? always… well, this is easy enuff…well, that depends on the situation u need it from, but u can always use an IPO…thats easy… on frame one insert LOC, then on frame 2, move the object to where it transports to, and isert LOC again…that should look like disappear, than reappear…

there u have it… of course, python is always a solution, but logic bricks, if u know advanced LOGIC, can be very powerful too…dont sell it short…

klein, can u tell us the exact situations u need this info for? it would be alot easier to explain how to do thins =)
i hope i helped, email me if u need further help, see ya


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Thanks for all answers guys!!!