Blood overflowing from container

Hi, I would like to achieve a liquid simulation of blood overflowing from a certain container like on this picture:
I want the blood to create a clean and smooth dripping effect (with the kind of bigger droplet at the end of the dripping effect). I watched different liquid simulation tutorials but every time I try something I get a very messy result with the blood not sticking at all to the container and not being clearly delimited like on the picture.
Do you have some advices how I could get something like that?

Try a particles simulation.
There is a fluid physics type for particles.

And to influence this kind of particles, there is a stickiness setting provided by collision modifier added to collider object.

But I have to warn you that you are trying to make something that requires many particles.
It corresponds to a thin part of liquid above obstacle. It means small particles.
But in comparison to this small particle size, there is the whole obstacle surface to cover. What means a big number of these small particles.

Maybe it is the reason why your previous attempts were not successful with fluid simulation.
Maybe it was due to a too small resolution.
Normally, a no slip obstacle should give a satisfying result with honey viscosity preset.