Blood roll and splatter


What would be the best method to do this please?

I need a single drop of blood to run down an oval shaped object, drop off the end and splatter onto the floor, leaving a…splatter.

What’s the best way to do this? I’m thinking fuid sim with dynamic paint? I’ve never really messed around with either one so I’m not really sure. I was getting somewhat of a solution by doing a particle sim like you would to create rain but obviously it neither rolls or splatters.

Many thanks.

You might be best off using a couple of different methods - hand animating the single drop running down the object and then using a sim for the splatter.

perhaps using keymesh addon

if it’s a cartoon style, it ll suit, i think.


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yeah i think i can hand animate the drip perhaps, but how would i make it leave a blood trail as it runs down?

This can be done using dynamic paint and wetmap:

Thank you, I’ll take a look.

you can try it with softbody and collision objects, but it can be tedious when it comes to tweak parameters and it can be time consuming, especially at this little scales.
softbody_droplet.blend (866.3 KB)

Thats a pretty good result you got there!

But in my opinion, it’s better to use a mix of constraints and modifiers with also a set of empty and keyframing. (a little bit of blendshape ll be a must) to have a full tweeking and mastering on it.

To compare it tooks me 2h for tweeking the softbody and 15mn for this one.

Constraints_droplet.blend (1.0 MB)

Wow that’s awesome. I can’t open the file yet because I’m at work, but how did you get the drop to follow the contour? is it using some kind of shrinkwrap?


  • the first empty have a shrinkwrap constraint and an animation on Z axis.

  • second empty is parented to the first one to manage the droplet distance.

  • the droplet have two constraints (position and rotation) the position constraint’s influence is keyframed by the end to release it. rotation constraint is in additive mode to enable "over keyframing.

  • The droplet also have a modifier stack to manage a weight group to setup the sticky comportment with a shrinkwrap localy.

  • all the other stuffs are keyframing on droplet scale/rotate/position.

not so complicated to tweek by the end.

of course you can use a weightpaint map on the egg if you want to let the droplet paint it.

and as i said before , it 'll be better to use blendshapes more than scaling the droplet to deform it.

Simple! isn’t it?


With a “simple deform” modifier added, set on Taper, with a topBottom weight group to smooth the influence. Animated for a better deformation during the sliding.
Also tweaked the keyframe’s timings for other stuffs.

File updated in previous post.

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I dunno what that is, but it’s awesome looking.

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I don’t really know what it is, but it talks to me also. Blood and egg is a really strange concept that must be developed, i think.
Primary goal was to find droplet solution for @tyko , and the most tweak-able one instead of big hammers for nothing.
and now i’m playing with an egg!!!

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It’s the juxtaposition, man. Egg and blood. Life and death. It’s pretty metal when you think about it.

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We’ve started the egg movement!

Play your cards right, and we could have a new train cult on our hands!

Something called Blegg…


I’d be pretty okay with anything called a blegg.


Egg-cellent work.