blood splatter effect

I’m a filmmaker and novice Blender user. My goal is to figure out the different uses of Blender for realistic VFX. One thing I’m trying to do is create a “blood” splatter similar to the one in the link. I’ve tried combining fluid with dynamic paint. I can get a fluid to paint a plane but it’s always smooth and the color is one-note. It’s nowhere near as messy and realistic. I’d really appreciate any tips or advice.

I just googled “making blood splatter with Blender” and there were a ton of tutorials showing you how to do it.

I have googled and haven’t found a tutorial about a blood splatter like the one in the link. But, thanks anyway. Perhaps I missed it. I’ll keep looking.

To me it looks like they just gave a “block” of fluid some velocity and it hit the wall, then at the moment it hit they revealed an image of the splatter on the wall. The fluid did not make the stationary wall splatter.

I was starting to suspect that might be the case. Thanks for the reply.