blood splatter

hey i want it so when i hit my object blood will splat out of him into the air and i really cant find a good way of doing this. help is thanked

[edit] also a way so he moves on impact[/edit]


ok have an empty that adds object “blood” and then have a collision detection on your sword/bullet w/e so if collsion with bullet then edit object ad object “empty” , i will make a sample .blend if u need further detail in help.

yeh well it was more of how to make the blood i wanted so its like one big bit of blood that comes out than loads of little bits

u want me to make you a .blend? just a quick one…

yes please

i was wondering how to make blood splatter on the wall behind the enemy if he is close enough to the wall like on the game mafia any ideas?

Quite possible in theory.

You’d need an empty attached to each enemy which is tracking to the player. When that enemy is hit through whatever method you are using, the empty fires a ray in the opposite direction. Using python, get the hit position of the ray and place a blood splatter object there. Setting the distance of the ray would determine what distance the blood splat is limited to.

Creating realistic dynamic blood splatters would be very difficult. It would probably need a particle system setting up, and may run too slowly for most games.

you cant see the blood coming from them

i did not think of that good idea i will try it


you cant see the blood coming from them[/quote]

How do you mean? A system of empties and textured planes tracking to the camera works perfectly to emulate particles. Maybe make some of the planes dynamic, which are programmed to stop when they collide with something.

okay i have set it up so when i shoot an enemy, blood comes out, but it only comes out once.
how do i make blood come out for each time the bullet hits?