blood squib

so i’m helping out on an indie film that needs some effects work, and several of the shots involve adding blood spatter. below is my first attempt.

i’m up for any and all suggestions on how to improve the effect. I realize i should try compositing it with some footage for starters!

Some people have had success with using fluid sim for blood/splatter.
Thats for animated or stills i guess, or you could try particles with a texture mapped to a plane or metaballs, probably harder.
One other way is to get some red jelly mix, make it thick, (use half water needed) then splat this onto several sheets of thick (art) paper, you should get some good splats.
then scan the splats into computer, then touch up in image editor, then import on plane into Blender, add nor for depth, then render & composite.
You could probably green screen falling blood with the jelly method.
there are other ways too, I have seen the above done well before.
a bit of google search for methods used by pro studios may help.

Might help to know what technique you’re currently using. It’s hard to tell through the image compression.

That and the image is really really hard to see in motion. The dark red on black is hard to read. Perhapse a lighter background? light gray or white even?

Anyway, from what i can see it looks good… people watching it would probably tell it was CG, but it might not really matter depending on what the mood of the film is. If Realism is your ultimate goal, you might want to consider using Blender’s composite system to place some live-action (turkey-baster-full-of-watered-down-ketphup-style) bullet hits. When you start using CG, even for something so deceptively simple as this, making it match well to the shot and making it look convincing is a really difficult thing to pull off, and can require rendering settings that can blow the render times out of the water.

Not trying to be a downer tho… really i’d just like to see it better :stuck_out_tongue: if you get a chance, you might also want to check out just hand-animating some nearly solid colored blood. There’s a film “Zatoichi” that came out in 2006… All of the spraying blood effects were done with CG, and i believe most of them were done in 2D, just hand animated. Very effective, and even tho it’s sort of tellingly CG, it still looked and ‘felt’ really awesome to see a huge spray of blood from a sword slash.

Sorry, i make long posts.

thanks for the feedback, everyone! first i apologize for the video quality; i was lazy and settled for flash based video hosting. also, it might not have been clear from the preview image that you can click it to go to the video. oopsie!

i agree its sorta cheesy right now. i’ve been waiting on the actual footage so i just thought i’d do a bit of a test to see how well blender could do blood. i tried compositing over some old footage i had on hand, and while i could match the lighting pretty convincingly, no amount of viscosity or simulation resolution tweaking totally elimated the cg “blobbiness” of it all. shooting and compositing some fake blood squirting may end up being the better option in the end, but it was still fun to play with blender fluidsim!

Squiggly_P: that "Zatoichi’’ film sounds neat, i’ll have to check it out. hand animating sounds scary hard, but maybe seeing how they did it will prove inspiring!