Ok, here´s my question:

I wanna do a fight or a guy who gets shot in the head and the blood is just everywhere, how do i do… i´m a beginner on this stuff so give me a real explanation that i may understand… when i downloaded the “manual quickstart” and i opened it i was supposed to write a password and i don´t know what it is, so this far i have not been reading some manuals or so, i have just tried to create some easy things on my own, and it´s really hard without a manual… so if someone know the password of the PDF file i am really glad if you told me. And the blood scene… i´m gonna copy the text and read it when i understands the program better than i do today!

Keep on!

about the pdf thing, i don’t know.
i din’t even knew you could put a password on a pdf file.

about the blood i would sugest perhaps make a few blood drops. (icospheres perhaps with a bit of a pinch on one side)
then make a few particle systems and parent them to the drops and make dupliverts of them.

dunno if it would look good or not.
but this would just be out of the top of my head.

dit a bit of a practice from your example, and i can archieve a reasenable result. (and i’ve only been modeling with blender for ~2 weeks so it can’t be that hard :slight_smile: )
the picture can be clicked for bigger version.

the drops look crappy, but this was just a fast image (~10 ~20 minutes. or so)
i used the wave effect for the puddle of blood. and a particle effect for the drops of blood.
then just a red transparent colour for the blood itself.