Im pretty new to blender but havent really found out this answer yet.

How can you make blood, in all forms, just dripping down a body, exploding from a sword or bullet, ect…?

Any help would be appreciated.

Me too i am fairly new to blender, but you could try the Fluid Simulation module. There are some nice tutorials around the web/wikipedia.

Good luck!

yes you can, there are many different ways depending on the effect you want.

As Coalth said, your method for simulating blood will depend on the requirements of the shot or render. For a medium shot of blood soaking through a garment or running down a body you might use an animated texture, or even a mesh with shape keys. For blood spatter you might use particles. Softbodies or metaballs could work for slow-motion kung fu droplets in close-up. The fluid simulator would probably be overkill in most situations except maybe buckets of blood gushing out of the walls a la The Shining. In all cases, texture will be paramount for believability.

3D artists generally are not looking to physically simulate the substance as a scientist or engineer would. Rather than thinking of the stuff as blood, think of it as pixels on a screen that just have to look like blood. Even filmmakers don’t use real blood. Other than the ick factor, they do this because the real stuff just isn’t convincing on-screen.

I did some tests with fluid simulation a few weeks ago.
It’s fairly simple to use. May be you can give it try: