I want to make a bloody game. I can think of several ways to make blood, but I’m sure there are better ideas out there. What I was looking for was; blood spray from being shot or hit, gushing blood from a severed stump, and a way to have blood spattesr appear on floors or walls. Lay it on me.

I’d do each case separately- spray from shots would be easy, just make a plane with an alpha-mapped splatter (or make several and have the game randomly pick one, for variety) and spawn it where the bullet hits (if you’re using a ray, use ray.hitPosition, if you’re using rayCast it’s the 2nd item returned)

blood spurting from a stump is pretty much the same, only instead of a splatter shape I’d make it longer and more squirt shaped, and give it some momentum. Just parent an empty to the stump, and give that empty an add object actuator. If the stum was dynamically created (IE shot off in-game) you might want to place empties everywhere a stump could occur and activate them when the stump appears, or spawn them. Either way, remember that it won’t be gushing forever, as the blood flow reduces and clotting begins.

Splatters on walls is tougher. You can have each moving blood splat spawn a static splatter if it hits a wall, which is oriented to the wall’s normal (ray.getHit normal or rayCast[2]) but this could hang off edges or whatnot. Ideally you’d use decals, but I haven’t the slightest as to how you’d go about that as I’ve never seen it in blender.