Bloodcells - Finished

(sten) #1

here is the final result, I might make a bigger render later:


(wewa_juicyb) #2

ack that is really good!!! I like it. did you post process it? if not how did you get the grainy look? Damnit, you’re making my finger twitch… I think that I had better go blend something.


(scizzo) #3

This Bloodcell is damn great! And you know that I like it…cool that it is from a LW tutorial directly to Blender…really nice!

(Da Bourz) #4

Hi, Can you send in the link to the LW original tutorial ??

Thanks in advance,

(labyrinthe) #5

LW tutorial is on… LW official site:

Good work

(ndnchief) #6

Hey Ztonzy, really like your Final, you did a great job. Looks like something you might see on the Discovery Channel, or in a Medical Book. Keep on Blending man, nice work!!!


(basse) #7

looks better than the final picture on LW tutorial…


(sten) #8

Hey all…

thanks for all great responses, it makes me feel that I finally
did it and got what I wanted out of the LW tutorial…

…and also happy for you all that is astonished by the image
I have created, the result is that I actually managed
to make the transition from a LightWave tutorial to
Blender, and also a next step in my knowledge using
Blender as a tool, in a whole; " use what ever tool you
need as an artist, as long as you dig deep enough into it"

  • then you can create almost anything you want…

BTW, here is the link to the real tutorial, and not to the
NewTek site, that URL above is only pointed towards just a
a picture of the final of the tutorial, and not To the tutorial…

Good Luck to all of you that wants to try it out…and maybe,
just maybe…somewhere in the future…I might even make a
Blender tute for it…but I haven’t decided yet…I just want to
“Blend” you all out there a little bit first :wink: !!

Thanks all !!

(paradox) #9

great picture ztonzy. And this one really looks 3D. I’m impressed.


(TurboG) #10

I read the lightwave tutorial but I dont realy understand how to do that in blender…How did you get those white edges?

(ScottishPig) #11

Amazing. Like those real bloodcells that you see under electron microscopes (assumption, don’t correct this) (or at least in textbooks) etc…

Very cool! Good ol’ bloody mess

(BgDM) #12

:o Way Cool ztonzy! Nice work.

I can’t wait to do this one in LW now to see the results I get there.


(Da Bourz) #13

Ok, let’s wait just two or three days before you actualy make this BLENDED tutorial !!!

(bg3D) #14

/me gets wooozie
Nice render. 8)

(VelikM) #15


(kaktuswasse) #16

coool, send it to a school-book-publisher :wink:

That looks really good!

(Poju) #17

Really nice!!

Background could have little more variation(darker and lighter parts) other than that just awesome.

(dickie) #18

really well done!
i love the organic feel
you’ve produced!

(ndnchief) #19

Hey Dickie, how did you luck out and marry such a talented Woman? LOL… Awsome work Mrs. Dickie…

NDNChief…Still fighting creative block, UGH!!!

(sten) #20

okey…and ? :stuck_out_tongue: