I’m just nearing completion of the first shot in my attempt to model the biological/chemical mechanism of ibuprofen for my A2 extended project. This is a still render from about half way through the shot. It’s meant to depict the inside of a vein/arteriole. Rendered at 500 samples in cycles. As far as blender goes I’m pretty inexperienced but it’s the only 3d software I’m even half capable in. There’s a zdepth pass which was rendered in blender internal because rendering it in cycles would only add rendertime and noise. The z-depth is used to give the impression that this is in solution. I’ll post compositing set up and some viewport screens soon.

I’d love any kind of critique.

Not enough Cells.

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It’s really good I think, but it’s very dark and desaturated. Just in my opinion, this is better:

It has the appearance of being in solution, which is the hardest part, but I would increase that effect, and aren’t red blood cells usually depicted as opaque?, as ther shape is determined by electron microscopy. I’m not sure about their actual optical properties, but making them opaque could significantly reduce render times. Also, rendering Z in BI won’t really decrease render times compared to cycles, and won’t add noise. I know it’s supposed to be inside the body, but it is too dark, after all, reality has to be suspended somewhat, as there is a camera in a vein! Other than that, good work, I like it.