bloodrose (2nd blend)

(Gr8RedShark) #1

So here’s my second blender model:
i dunno… looks ok, but something about it just seems a little off… :-? can’t put my finger on what, exactly.
interested to know what all think.

(paradox) #2

Nice. What looks off to me is that the stem seems a little thick. But still nice pic.

(banana_sock) #3

the stem does seem a bit thick, and a bit straight, maybe slant the flower a a little. I don’t think blood glows that much, but i like the rest of the pic!

the flowers could use a little more light too, just to see them better…

(adyus) #4

i think the petals should be broader and rounded off. the idea is really good, just make that stem a little thinner. Roses are usually straight, although what banana_sock probably meant was that you should prolly render it lying on a table or something…

(Gr8RedShark) #5

Hmmm… I might be the stem… that’s what most of you seem to think anyway. I was actually thinking that the petals were not tall enough. either way, it’s the same problem: Scaling an object in only one direction. I’ll have to look for a tut’l on that later tonight.

the petals were supposed to be dark. The lighting here is sort of the default lighting, haven’t fixed it yet. I think a spotlight shining from below with a black or darkgrey-green background (instead of that awful blend) will be cool, but haven’t had time yet to try.

As for the glowing blood, the glow factor is actually set to 0. I was trying to get it to be very shiny, I’ll just have to twiddle with hardness/specularity som more…

A freind suggested leaves, but I don’t like the idea myself… maybe one or two dead and curled up leaves…

(Vigilante) #6

Its open too wide, roses look thier best when they have a vaselike shape.

(Gr8RedShark) #7

So here’s an update:
I fixed the shape of the flower, and then kept going added the table, walls, marble floor, cieling.

Next, I plan to add a small square tabe cloth under the vase, with the corners just barely hanging below the edge of the table.
also, the blood droplet on thorn is almost invisible, so i’ll just move the cermare closer, and then also plan to add a series of blood droplets dripping from the thorn and a splash on the table cloth. any other suggestions?

(banana_sock) #8

no wall has that much specularity! i think you should keep the image more focused on the rose, it seems too small now and doesn’t capture the attention. The ideas seem good, i’ll be waiting for the next update…

(Gr8RedShark) #9

the latest update:
changed in the from the last:
-added table cloth, with bloodstain
-added droplets fallin gonto table cloth
-changed camera/lighting
-bent rose so thorn with blood drips onto table instead of vase

tried to make the table cloth bigger with corners hanging over odges of table, but didn’t like how it came out.
not sure how much longer i’ll work on this one…

comments? crits?

(olaf) #10

Nice idea, I especiallly like the blood from the Rose really good, go on with this man.

Some suggestions:
1.) The Wall looks too uniform for me, please paint a nice bumpmap with Gimp or Photoshop, you know some scratches and bumps would improve the wall a lot.
2.) A nice ColorMap for the Wall with some HSV noise applied and a little bit color variation.
3.) Is the wood tex procedural? If so maybe a little bit more turbulence.
4.) The tablecloth looks like a piece of paper, you can get a little bit of variation on it if you use the magnet/move tool.

keep on your good work, see ya.

(Vigilante) #11

It doesnt look right stem is way too large now. and the texture is crooked on the bent part

(Gr8RedShark) #12

The wall was originally supposed to be black. RE colour variation: i had originally planned to use only gray-coloured textures for this scene, except for the blood which would be bright red, amd the rose a deep purple-almost-black (it’s hard to describe the colour until you see the ones that inspired me on a neighbor’s lawn)
now maybe I’m thinking of just doing some post-processing to remove most of the colours.
i know what you mean about the table cloth though… looks to me like a napkin. will work on that. I actually like the woodgrain on the table, bu ti’ll play around and see… and yes I know that the texture on the stem is wrong, because when I bent it, I actually just rotated and moved the mesh, so the texture did NOT bend… not sure how I would do this except maybe with armatures, which I’m still getting used to.
and I STILL haven’t made the stem smalle (but I’ll do it tonight, I swear!! :wink: )
people seem to like this one and so do I (at least right now) so I think I’ll keep polishing it…

(Gr8RedShark) #13

latest update:
hmm… my web space account is getting full, will have to delete some junk.
anyway, where what’s new:
-did everything in greys, except the blood, and flower. (the textures only use greys, not like earlier when I thought I’d do it all in postprocessing)
-finally resized the stem :slight_smile:
-attached the stem to an armature so when I bend the stem, the textures bend too (although it’s hard to see here)
-tried to add some wrinkles to the tablecloth. I’m not sure it turned out great. all I did was subdivide, then move a few points higher then the rest, then subsurf. If anyone’s got better suggestions, I will thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

that’s enough for now. time to get to bed.
<snore… snore… sleep… snore>

(S68) #14


nice idea and setting :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll not get offended if I say that, for colours and stem thickness it reminds me more of an artichoke than of a rose %| …

But you’re getting some good results, blend on!


(Gr8RedShark) #15

no i’m not offended (but it’s cool you seem to like the rest of it :slight_smile: ) ,not sure i can be offended since i don’t really know what artichokes look like :wink: … maybe I’ll play with the stem thickness some more, but then I’ll have to resize the bloom…
although since i still think it looks ok, that is a low priority, right now I’m still trying to fix the table cloth and make it look truly rumpled.

(verylost) #16

the whole things looks pretty good, just little things need to be fixed up a lil bit… like the tabelcloth and the wall… and, i know its like the tenth time youve heard it, but the stem is too thick =D. also, instead of a bent rose, i was thinking just have it titled in the vase… my opinion though.

great job though! keep blending!

(Vigilante) #17

The rose laying down on a plate in a small pool of blood on the plate might look cool.