Bloodthirsty Crowd

This is for my pigboy vs kungfuguy anim once again. later i am going to maybe add some banners and raised fists and stuff.

I like it but i think the halo is to big and has to many or to litle lines. I’m not sure :-?

i don’t think the lines will really be that noticable. the halos are for camera flashes so they will flash only for one frame apiece. i will have to do a test and see what it looks like though,…i may need to add an actual flashing lamp as well.

Looks very good Modron. Great texture painting.


I agree, awesome bloodthirsty crowd! I’m very excited for this animation you’re working on–it sounds like it’s going to be awesome.



Very nice. How did you do it, just dupliverted the heads?

thanks guys. no, the heads are just regular meshes. they have no bodies,…just heads.