jus’ sumptin’ new from johnd

Looks kinda plastic. And the feeling of movement is missing.

To put in the words of some sculputurer, whose name I dont remember: “the key to create feeling of the movement in the statue, is to model a movement with a beginning of another movement.”

In general, your work goes in category not so original fantasy art, but modeling seems pretty nice, as do the lights. There is something wrong with the floor tile texture, but thats pretty much all.

I think it looks great, but you have your nor on the wrong setting on some of the bricks. try clicking on the nor button a second time, or if you did it twice, unclick it and then click just once.

That looks really good overall, but the only thing that really bothers me (small thing) is that the woman’s eyes don’t seem to be focused on anything. They are just sort of staring.

Very good overall, though.